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Gordon/WXR Evaporative Condensers, 
the best choice for your next project or replacement!

WXR Condensers

Gordon Brothers Industries are the Australian agent for WXR Evaporative Condensers. These condensers have Gordon Brothers Industries engineering input to ensure they meet or exceed Australian Standards, including MEPS compliant electric motors, sunscreens, and safety handrail & ladder.

Evaporative Condensers offer energy saving by providing lower system condensing temperatures than conventional air-cooling or water-cooled condensing systems. 

They are built to a high quality and standard, and have been trialled and tested to ensure they are suited to our harsh Australian conditions. You have a choice of galvanised or stainless steel construction, or a combination.

WXR D Series Evaporative Condenser

WXRD Series Evaporative Condenser is a kind of high-efficient heat exchange equipment which comes into being on the basis of absorbing the most advanced foreign heat-exchange technology.

WXRD Series Evaporative Condenser uses water and air as cooling medium. The cooling medium exchanges the heat with high-heat gaseous refrigerant medium and hence the refrigerant medium becomes liquid. Inside, there are water dispatching system, condensing coils, wet padding heat exchange layer, and dehydrator and so on. Outside, there are water circulating pump, an electronic water-curing device and a propeller fan on the top of condensing coil.

The propeller fan strengthens the flow of the air and causes negative pressure inside. When the condenser works, the cooling water is sprayed from water dispatching system to the surface of condensing coils equably to form a thin layer of water film.

The high-heat steam of refrigerant medium enters from the top of condensing coil and then the cooled liquid refrigerant medium is discharged from the bottom of the condensing coil. During this process, high-heat refrigerant medium exchanges the heat with the water and air outside the coil and increases the efficiency of medium exchange with the help of wind. After absorbing the heat of refrigerant medium, some water turns into steam and is discharged by propeller fan.

Meanwhile, the moisture in the air is collected by dehydrator to collecting basin, and then the non-gasified cooling water flows into heat exchange layer and its heat is taken away by the airflow. The cooled water converges in the basin to be used circularly by the pump later. In addition, there is a ball cock in the basin. When the water is consumed to a certain point, the ball cock will automatically open to replenish the cooling water.

Why WXR?

  • AS1359.5 compliant fan and pump motors meeting MEPS2 2006 efficiency. 
  • Pump and Fans electrical motors IP56 Class F.
  • 3 year warranty on all WEG fan and pump motors.
  • AS3666 compliant.
  • Water drift eliminators tested to less than 0.0001% carry over.
  • Pressure tested to 2750kPa.
  • 304 Stainless steel casing 2mm thick.
  • 304 Stainless steel 25mm x 1.5mm coil.
  • On selected stainless steel casing models; casing, coil, fan cowls, nuts and bolts are all stainless steel.
  • HDG standard coil 2mm wall thickness HDG to 500 g/m2.
  • Carbon Fibre fan blades.
  • CPVC fill material.
  • Imported Ultra-Galvanised casing from Korea to 400g/m2.

Additional Options

WXR will customise to meet our clients individual requirements.
Duty/ Stand-by water pump arrangement.
Oil cooling or second coil assembly.
Split coil for duty / stand-by.
AS1657 Handrails and access ladder. Available in HDG or 304 SS.
Fully welded sumps (available of stainless steel casing only).
316 stainless steel models available. Casing & coil.
Trafficable FRP mesh on top of coil spray headers.