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Ammonia Safety

We offer a range of ammonia safety programs that target all groups of awareness and technical knowledge. Check our offered programs below and ensure you and your staff are as safe as possible.

Committed to Safety

The safety, health and welfare of Gordon Brothers Industries employees and contractors is paramount. The company has an obligation to provide a safe and healthy working environment which includes protecting employees from injury. We are committed to this and provide the best possible safety training to ensure our employees are up to date with workplace procedures and the use of all safety equipment.

Gordon Brothers Industries provides ammonia safety training to our employees, customers and other contractors. We can tailor an ammonia safety training program or ammonia safety inspection to suit your requirements. All training and inspections are carried out by fully qualified Gordon Brothers Industries employees, and some courses are offered in partnership with AIRAH.

All Training Services at a Glance

Ammonia Safety Days

Full Day Course

Ammonia Safety Full Day Course

Our Ammonia Safety days are our most comprehensive safety training program. This program is based on the Ammonia Safety Training Institute (ASTI) philosophy. The ASTI training programs are targeted at Industry, Regulators and the Emergency Response community.

ASTI’s aim is to provide all participants with understanding and respect for ammonia which is now the most popular industrial chemical in the world. There continues to be too many injuries from ammonia incidents and ASTI’s goal is to provide specific safety training to enable these to be greatly mitigated to a point where ammonia injuries are eliminated. ASTI is all about de-mystifying ammonia and dispelling the myths. The ASTI attitude to accidental ammonia releases is “prevent them all or stop them small”

Site Specific Safety Training

Half Day Program

Ammonia Safety Half Day Program

The half day ammonia awareness training session will give ammonia plant operators, site maintenance staff and other employees working closely with ammonia a good understanding on ammonia.

It provides participants the necessary information to work safely in an environment that has ammonia and provide them with the know-how of how to handle ammonia.

Emergency Response Plan

Site Specific

Site Specific Safety Program

An Emergency Response Plan is a detailed document which has step by step information on what to do in the event of an ammonia leak. Usually, an Emergency Response Plan is to be tested with joint training exercises (JTE) annually or in the event of new plant owners, expansion or modifications to the refrigeration system or when an incident occurs and room for improvements have been identified.

Ammonia Awareness Course

90 Minute Course

Ammonia Safety 90 Minute Course

Our 90 minutes Ammonia Awareness course is a new training program specifically designed to bring awareness to employees that work on sites where ammonia is present. This may include office workers, production staff or any other personal that might not be familiar with ammonia.

Under the current legislation, plant owners are responsible for adequate training for all employees on all chemicals that’re on site.

This course aims to provide all participants with a basic understanding of ammonia, its characteristics, a basic run down of how an Ammonia system operates and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Ammonia Safety Kit

Everything You Need to Stay Safe

Any personnel who work around ammonia and who will be subjected to various exposures, this is the kit for you. This kit will ensure anyone working around ammonia is as safe as possible and have everything they need in order to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. Learn everything you need about the Ammonia Safety kit at our Ammonia safety days with a full demonstration.

Ammonia Safety Inspections/Audits

Gordon Brothers Industries can provide your site with a fully insured ammonia safety inspection, risk assessments and procedures for all jobs completed, and suggestions for continuous improvement regarding safety and efficiency.

All ammonia safety inspections will be carried out in accordance with the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration Checklists and Gordon Brothers Checklists covering;

    • AS/NZS 5149 :2016
    • AS/NZS 3666.1:2002

A full ammonia safety inspection should be carried out every five years and a visual check/safety device check every year. At the end of the inspection a fully detailed report will be prepared by our engineers highlighting any non-conformances and will indicate the highest priority risks you have.

Ammonia safety inspections include:

    • Piping and valve systems
    • Pressure equipment and vessels
    • General condition and operation
    • Building considerations and access
    • Mechanical safety devices
    • Electrical safety devices
    • Ventilation and detection
    • Instructions and signage
    • Personal protective equipment