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Refrigeration System Lubricants

At Gordon Brothers we are proud to be the  Australian and New Zealand distributors for the market leading Suniso refrigeration oils.

The Sun Oil company or Sunoco as it is better known was founded in 1886 by Mr Joseph William Pew in Ohio and grew rapidly, establishing the Marcus Hook refinery in Pennsylvania in 1901.

Sunoco developed and commercialized refrigeration oil in 1927, and in 1933 registered the Suniso brand and trademark. Since then the Suniso product range has continued to evolve to match the requirements of modern refrigeration systems and changes in lubricating base oil technology.

In Australia the Suniso product was introduced by R and T Lubricants who were a Melbourne based lubricant blender who acted as the refinery agents for Sunoco. Gordon Brothers were one of the first refrigeration contractors to adopt the use of Suniso refrigeration oils and subsequently became the largest purchasers of Suniso in Australia.


An original Suniso tin located at our Brunswick, Victoria head office


Sunoco expanded internationally in the 1960s. They established the Japan Sun Oil company in 1966 and opened the Ichikawa lubricant blending plant to support the rapidly growing refrigeration market in Japan by 1967. Nowadays this plant supplies Suniso product throughout South East Asia including. Australia

R and T continued to represent the Sunoco refinery and sell Suniso until they were acquired by a major Australian oil company in 1994, after which Gordon Brothers took over distribution of the product. Since then sales of the Suniso have significantly increased. New product lines have also been introduced, including the Sunice POE range, for use with HFC refrigerants, and Suniso 4HT, a new compressor oil for ammonia systems based on hydro treated base oils; it offers exceptional thermal and chemical stability, and more than double the product life of conventional naphthenic based compressor oils.

If you would like information on the Suniso range of refrigeration oils please contact:

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