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Check out some of our recent projects.

Prepared Meals

A leading provider of chilled and ready meals in Australia produce world class food products. They contacted Gordon Brothers when they needed to expand their ammonia refrigeration system to cope with increasing demand from the market for their products.

Spray Chilling

Gordon Brothers was contacted to upgrade the ammonia refrigeration system at a major meat processing facility in Melbourne, operated by a Australia’s largest meat packer. Utilising their extensive experience in meat processing, Gordon Brothers was able to engineer a solution to meet the outcomes the customer required.

Custom Fluid Chilling

A global confectionery manufacturer required the best solution when they considered a major upgrade to their production facility refrigeration system. Gordon Brothers designed and installed a complete turnkey solution using EnviroPack chillers to maximise efficiency, safety, reliability and environmental sustainability as part of the transition away from synthetic refrigerants to ammonia.

Greenfield Projects

Gordon Brothers won the contract to provide the refrigeration system for a new beef processing facility in Darwin. The system is one of the most technical and energy efficient industrial refrigeration plants that Gordon Brothers has installed. It has been engineered as an Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide “cascade” refrigeration system, and was designed to allow for future expansion.

Smallgoods & Meat Processing

The largest producer of smallgoods products in Australia needed to consolidate several smaller operations onto one site. Gordon Brothers was chosen to design and install one of the largest smallgoods refrigeration plants in the world. Ammonia was selected as the primary refrigerant due to it’s energy efficiency, a secondary cooling fluid, Food Grade Propylene Glycol was used in production areas. This world class state of the art refrigeration system is fully controlled by PLC, incorporates a very user friendly interface, and includes remote monitoring and control.


A global food manufacturer required an upgrade of their refrigeration system at their Melbourne confectionery facility, Gordon Brothers designed and installed an EnviroPack ammonia chiller to optimise efficiency, safety, reliability and environmental sustainability.

Cold Storage

A leading wholesale food distributor required expansion at one of their regional cold storage facilities. Gordon Brothers was engaged to install new equipment including a pair of economised screw compressors, a new evaporative condenser, and direct expansion air coolers.


Australia’s biggest brewer commissioned Gordon Brothers to design and install a new stand alone, oil less, CO2 refrigeration system at its Brisbane manufacturing plant. The system consists of a central CO2 equipment skid which was custom designed and built in Gordon Brothers Bendigo factory, and incorporates PLC control and remote communications back to the main plant.


A leading Australasian drinks company and the market leader in energy drinks in Australia and New Zealand required an upgrade of their refrigeration system at their New Zealand facility. Gordon Brothers was contracted to design and supply an EnviroPack ammonia chiller to optimise efficiency, safety, reliability and environmental sustainability.


A regional poultry producer consolidated their freezing operations into a new central location on their processing facility, freeing up valuable production space. Gordon Brothers was selected to provide the refrigeration, which involved providing 2 new alcove evaporators for the storage freezer, the relocation of 2 blast freezer evaporators and consolidation into a single blast freezer along with a new blast freezer evaporator. Provision within the refrigeration piping was also made for a further third blast freezer. A glycol heater was also employed utilising the hot gas waste heat from the refrigeration plant to warm recirculated glycol through the freezer store underfloor slab for the purposes of minimising frost heave. The Gordon team also provided the electrical wiring, switchboard and PLC control system for the refrigeration equipment power and control. All of the new ammonia evaporators were Gordon custom designed heavy duty HDG finned coil block evaporators.

R&D + Innovative Solutions

Australia’s largest meat packer and industry association sponsored a R&D Project to help improve efficiency in the meat processing industry with the objectives to optimise use of resources, use less water, and retain more weight on chilled bodies. Gordon Brothers was the refrigeration member of the group. This required talented engineers from Gordon Brothers to come up with a solution that the industry projects will save several hundreds of millions of dollars into the future for the meat processing industry.


Gordon Brothers was set the challenge to successfully deliver a mine cooling project on a remote island in Indonesia for a global mining customer. The mine cooling team designed a modular system which was fabricated in our Bendigo factory so as to minimise on site assembly and commissioning time. Reliability and efficiency are designed into every mine cooling system that Gordon Brothers installs.

Energy Efficiency

A regional winery in NSW wanted to improve their refrigeration system efficiency and contacted Gordon Brothers to engineer a solution. New condensers were installed as part of the ammonia refrigeration system upgrade.


Gordon Brothers designed, engineered, built and installed Australia’s largest, at the time, chilled water refrigeration plant on a mine site in Northern Queensland. The refrigeration capacity of the plant is 24.8MW. In recent years Gordon Brothers was engaged to refurbish and relocate the plant due to the mine expansion.


When you are a winery planning to process the largest ‘first crush’ in Australia you will require some serious refrigeration and processing plant. Gordon Brothers designed and installed a 3MW refrigeration plan which was highly efficient, reliable and included heat recovery in the design, saving on operating costs for the life of the plant.