New Nippy’s Blast Chillers

Gordon Brothers is delighted to announce the completion of a new rapid cooling system for iconic South Australian brand, Nippy’s.

The proudly family-run producer of fresh citrus fruit juices and flavoured milk products required a new system which was not only sustainable, but guaranteed to enjoy a long-life.

To meet the needs of the popular ‘tree to table’ brand, Gordon Brothers commissioned a brand-new low-charge ammonia system for Nippy’s Waikerie site, perfect for rapidly cooling its oranges.

“We are proud to report that the new Nippy’s low-charge ammonia system is now fully operational,” Gordon Brothers’ Marketing Manager, Jannie Howard, said.

“During our consultation process with Nippy’s, it became apparent an ammonia chiller was more appropriate for their needs over the commonly used commercial HFC chiller due to its power saving potential and reduced environmental footprint.

“In this case, the ammonia chiller is estimated to use half of the power a HFC chiller would use, which translates to power cost savings of $80,000 per annum for Nippy’s. These extraordinary savings mean the ‘payback period’ for this additional investment is less than two years.”

The chiller has a low ammonia charge and is designed to fit in a 20-foot container.

“The container houses the majority of the ammonia equipment in one section and all of the electrical switch-gear in another,” Jannie explained.

“The enclosure is equipped with ammonia alarms and safeties; all of this allows Nippy’s to fully monitor the plant at all times, making for a very safe system.”

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