This is a detailed document that involves personnel and their roles in the event that an uncontrolled ammonia release should occur. It includes exclusion zones, Emergency Response Teams and Emergency Services.

With Gordon Brothers being in the industry for over 100 years, we have extensive experience and can assist you in generating or updating your procedure to the latest standards and practices.

An Emergency Response Plan is a detailed document which has step by step information on what to do in the event of an ammonia leak. Usually, an Emergency Response Plan is to be tested with joint training exercises (JTE) annually or in the event of new plant owners, expansion or modifications to the refrigeration system or when an incident occurs and room for improvements have been identified.

The purpose of the Emergency Response Plan is to highlight the potential dangers associated with the refrigeration system and what to do in the event of an Ammonia leak and when to engage emergency services. It also covers specific PPE requirements, what must be avoided and how to mitigate the incident in a timely manner to reduce impact on your staff, your premises and the environment.

It is a legal requirement and all plant owners MUST have an Emergency Response Plan in place.  They cannot sub-contract it out however, they can seek assistance from a service provider to complete the Emergency Response Plan as well as testing the procedure.

The duration of this plan differs depending on the size and complexity of the Ammonia plant.  It can range from a day or two up to 1 week or more with several visits involved.

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