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As Australia’s largest reseller of Danfoss industrial refrigeration spares and components and with the backing of Gordon Brothers extensive engineering support we offer immediate supply of Danfoss spares to meet your requirements.

Flexline Platform

Industrial Refrigeration

The Flexline platform is synonymous with flexibility within industrial refrigeration. Based on a modular design concept, you will experience that each product features a variety of benefits, including easy selection, installation and maintenance. As there is no functionality in the housing, you change the function of a valve by a simple swapping of the insert.

The Flexline platform comprises:

  • SVL Flexline shut-off valve / regulating valve / check valve / check & stop valve / strainer
  • ICV Flexline control valve
  • ICF Flexline complete valve station

ICF Flexline Valve Station

Industrial Refrigeration

Unmatched freedom is the keyword of ICF Flexline™ valve stations. As part of the Flexline™ platform, these valve stations are based on a unique modular concept.

This multi-ported Danfoss control solution offers you significant savings by substituting a string of valves with just one valve station. Consisting of a valve housing and a maximum of four or six function modules, the valve station is a true plug-and-play solution.

90% of all applications are covered in just four basic configurations and allows for more than 50 custom configurations. To you, this means fast installation and less service hours.

The valve stations are suitable for all common low- and high-pressure refrigerants, liquid lines, compressor injection lines and hot gas lines. They are approved up to 52 bar (754 psi), and you can use them with most kinds of refrigerants.

Gordon Brothers is proud to be Australia’s largest reseller of Danfoss industrial refrigeration spares and components.

ICV Flexline Control Valves

Industrial Refrigeration

Danfoss ICV Flexline guarantees you a reliable, safe and green solution – both now and in the future. The product family consists of an ICS pilot operated control, ICM motor operated control and ICLX 2-step solenoid valve. All valve variants are based on one common valve body to offer outstanding flexibility.

The modular concept greatly facilitates the building of a valve that offers energy savings and reduction of down-time. All valves are designed for a maximum working pressure of 52 bar (754 psi) and efficiently handle CO₂ and other future high pressure refrigerants.

The ICV Flexline offers you one platform for multiple control solutions.

SVL Flexline

Industrial Refrigeration

The SVL Flexline product platform is targeted to meet industrial refrigeration requirements worldwide.

Flexibility above all characterizes the SVL platform. Using just two basic valve housings – a straightway and an angle way – the platform offers five different functions. You will find that this simplicity offers you easy and time saving usage in many processes.
Danfoss Flexline products offer an easy road to sustainability with low life cycle costs, low emissions from leaks and approvals for use with low GWP refrigerants.