CO2 Plate Freezers

Contact plate freezing is significantly more efficient and cheaper to run than air blast freezing. Virtually all of the large scale plate freezing systems installed to date, operate on ammonia which means they have large inventories of ammonia refrigerant at their facilities,  very much larger than if they used air blast freezers. In the interests of public safety and regulatory compliance, the reduction in size of these ammonia inventories is becoming a priority particularly where these facilities are close to populated areas.

Our partners for the meat industry, Milmeq Pty Ltd, will be launching their large scale SSO (Single Shelf Opening) automatic plate freezer range to operate on CO2refrigerant in 2016. This initiative will enable Gordon Brothers to design and install very efficient industrial refrigeration systems for plate freezers using the NH3/CO2cascade principle but with up to 90% reduction in ammonia refrigerant inventory. The ammonia will be replaced by CO2 in the freezer plates.

These new CO2 plate freezers will use European technology from the largest CO2 plate freezer manufacturer in the world.

For more information on this exciting development please contact your Gordon Brothers Pty Ltd or Milmeq Pty Ltd representatives.

CO2 Plate Freezers, Industrial Refrigeration

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