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Refrigeration System Lubricants

Refrigeration System Lubricants 10 March 2021 At Gordon Brothers we are proud to be the  Australian and New Zealand distributors for the market leading Suniso refrigeration oils. The Sun Oil company or Sunoco as it is better known was founded in...

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Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers  31 January 2021 A refrigeration system, no matter the size or application has one fundamental goal; the transfer of thermal energy from one place to another to produce a cooling effect. For the majority of extant systems, this...

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Step For Sick Kids

Step For Sick Kids 2 December 2020 STEPS 13.1M RAISED $30K TOTAL KM 10K What a month November was! When we decided to join the Ronald McDonald House Charities “Step for Sick Kids” challenge to take as many steps as we could for the month, we could...

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Air and Moisture in NH3 Systems

Air and Moisture in NH3 Systems 30 October 2020 Ammonia based refrigeration plants are exceptionally well suited for industrial sites as the volatility of ammonia is so readily taken advantage of to suit both heating and cooling requirements. Unfortunately,...

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Absorption Refrigeration Systems

Absorption Refrigeration Systems  5 October 2020 A consequence of many industrial processes is the generation of waste heat. Energy in the form of heat is a versatile resource to have on hand if the means exist to convert that energy into another...

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