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In 2015 Gordon Brothers proudly launched a series of ASTI Ammonia Safety Training days around Australia. These workshops were so well received and the ongoing need within industry so great, that we have continued to offer these workshops on an annual basis.

The training programs are targeted at anyone who owns or works in and around ammonia refrigeration or manufacturing/storage/distribution facilities and for emergency responders and regulators.

The aim of the program is to provide all participants with an understanding and respect for ammonia, as it is now the most popular industrial chemical in the world. Among other topics, we provide case studies, offer insight into legislation, hazard management, duty of care and the importance of PPE.

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Meet Your Trainer

Don Tragethon

Don has 33 years experience in ammonia refrigeration and we had the privilege of sharing his experience and knowledge at last years ASTI days. The training days were such a success that we are pleased to announce that again Don will head up our 2019 National Safety Training Days.

Don is a member of RETA (Refrigeration Engineers & Technicians Assoc) and has been a member of ASTI for 25 years and he currently serves on the ASTI board of directors.


  • Session 1
    • Overview of the Day’s Topics
    • Introduction to Ammonia
    • Hazard Management
    • Emergency Challenges
  • Session 2
    • Industry, Public Safety & Legislation
    • Introduction to the ‘Tripod’
    • Stop Them Small with a Plan
  • Session 3
    • Real Life Stories & case studies
    • Surviving the Big One
    • Importance of PPE
    • Duty of Care & introduction to Code of Practice
  • Session 4
    • Recognising Catastrophes & first 30-minutes
    • Escalating Factors
    • Evaluation
    • Issue Certificates


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