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Ammonia Detectors

We offer a range of ammonia detectors from fixed units to personal detectors.

Ammonia detector


Ammonia Detectors

Toxic and hazardous gas leaks are a significant problem for many industries. Consequences for such incidents include fatality, plant shut down and high insurance costs. Responsibility is also placed upon directors with litigation, fines and corporate brand damage being likely outcomes.

Photonic Innovations Ltd. (PIL) has designed a patent-protected approach to solving this problem using laser technology. The benefits include: equipment that requires virtually no recalibration, is highly accurate with no false alarms, has a response time vastly superior to traditional chemical sensors and a cost of life profile which is ~25% lower than current solutions.

PIL’s gas detection platform can be tailored to suit most industrial gases but the company is initially targeting customers working with ammonia. Currently Australasia’s most trusted cold store, meat processing and dairy operations trust Photonic Innovations to keep their workers safe.

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